Swimming Pools for Your Comfort

Everything we do is motivated by a full understanding of your needs. We create innovative, functional Swimming Pools that have a timeless appeal and are built to last.

We work with you to develop your ideas and transform them into reality

LT Construction are experts in the Design and Build of beautiful Swimming Pools.  We have amassed years of experience in the Design, Construction and Repair of Pools.

Having a swimming pool at your newly acquired Spanish villa must be everyones dream. The realities of having a pool can be challenging, the high maintenance costs and the often constant issues relating to leaks, failed pumps and filters can be quite challenging, especially if you are not living permanently at the villa.

Nothing makes a home look more forlorn than a green, poorly maintained and badly constructed swimming pool, conversely a beautifully designed and inviting pool sets off the villa like nothing else.

Pool Design and Construction

We can custom design and construct your own freeform shapes, to suit any terrace or garden.

Applying for the necessary building licence is part of the service.

Leak Detection and Repair

We have many years of leak detection experience. Don’t waste valuable time and money using a general builder; use the experts in the field.

Resurfacing and Renovation

Renovating your pool to give it a more contemporary look, is something all new home owners should consider.  Neglected and tired old pools need not be something that spoils the appearance of your terrace and garden.  We can change and alter the image of your pool and its surroundings. Enhancing your existing pool to make it more appealing and accessible by adding integrated steps rather than a pool ladder can be relatively inexpensive.

We have vast experience in all pool related accessories, pumps, heaters, filters, ph automation, swimming pool lights and other pool related accessories.

Contact us to find out more about how we can advise you in how to improve your Swimming Pool in Malaga Province and the Costa del Sol and what we can do for you. LT Construction professional English Builders in Malaga.