Property House Survey

We believe that our realistic survey provides a comprehensive view of the property and its defects so that a prospective purchaser is able to judge what may be required to bring the property to acceptable or better condition.

As experienced and ethical professionals we carry out building surveys solely for our clients, with no conflicting loyalties. With us as your support you can be confident that your interests are being protected. With years of experience with all types of property, we understand the main structural faults that are apparent in most homes. We take the attitude of a buyer intending to occupy a property and so check the items that will affect the owner. Within our report we make comments upon any legal or other relevant documents with which we have been provided. This is especially useful as it’s not normal practice for the lawyers to visit the property. We charge fees for the work in the same way as lawyers or accountants. Our services cover all property types, including Land and individual Villas to Apartments.

Surveys – What we do for you

LT Construction are accustomed to working with clients whose villas in Spain are holiday homes, and understand that they require a company that has their best interests at heart and will report accurately and without conflict. We know how beneficial it is to keep our clients updated regularly via email, picture updates and phone conversations.

A Building Survey differs from a Structural Survey we offer both at a different fee structure.

A Building Survey is generally a view of everything in detail from ground level plus upper and lower levels where there is safe and easy access. We cannot look at areas that are not accessible, but usually if there is a defect, there will be visible evidence nearby.

A Structural Survey is much more specific, often involving breaking into the building structure or decoration, as an intrusive investigation of a specific fault for which evidence has been discovered during a Building Survey. We go through the entire property and note all the defects, our builders will be checking for dampness, insect attack and structural movement. Thereafter, we go round the outside and do the same, including any outbuildings, etc. We test the services, random electricity sockets individually and general electricity and water by having all the appliances on at the same time, simulating maximum use with a full house. We note any problems such as circuits tripping, low water pressure and poor drainage and issues relating to the swimming pool, land slippage or movement, Septic Tanks and Water Deposits.

We will also note any visible evidence of defects. We also check whether machinery, kitchen equipment, heating and air conditioning are working where possible. Our Report provides a comprehensive list supported by photographs of the evidence of defects the likely causes and possible solutions. We also compare the accommodation and size of the property with the registered title information and the Catastral description (for property taxes). It is important that the Title Deeds reflect the true property build, as the Lawyer is unlikely to visit the property this is an important aspect of our service.

We also offer to carry out Topographical Surveys confirming that your lands registered area is correct, this is important to prevent border disputes. This is an additional service.

Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica

This relates to your house electrical consumption and is a requirement by law. We confirm that your Certificate is valid or we can issue you with one.

In addition, we comment upon other papers and plans with which we are provided relating to the property.

Contact us in English or Spanish to find out more about Property House Surveys in Malaga Province and the Costa del Sol and what we can do for you.