Building Permits (Licencias)

Before any construction begins on your home and/or garden, you will need building permits (licencias) for even the smallest additions.


Completing projects that have not been approved by the Town Hall result in problems in the future - especially when it comes to selling a home - which, if found to contain building works that have not been approved, can be declared illegal to sell. In Spain, there are 2 different forms of permits for building involving many stages:

building-license-application-002 (1).jpg

Minor Works Permit

- for walls, terraces, and barbecue areas. These can be obtained at the Town Hall. Ask for a licencia de obra menor. You will need to provide a summary of the construction you plan to have completed and an estimate of the final costs, so that the Town Hall can calculate the taxes. Usually the tax is upwards of 6% of the total building cost.

Major Works Permit

- for new buildings, demolitions, or remodelling. For this form of permit, you must have a written account from an architect who is registered with the Spanish Architecture College. A builder should be involved at the outset and must also approve the plans.

Our understanding of the way things work with the town halls, along with the trustworthy relations that we’ve built up with the planning departments over the years, puts us in a position where we can successfully achieve planning approval for even the most complex of projects.

Let LT Construction be your first choice in guiding you through this complex and often challenging process.