Best builders in Costa del Sol

At LT Construction we have a great depth of building knowledge and experience, ranging from small individual repairs to the design and implementation of large scale projects.

Our relationship with many specialist suppliers means that we are able to source materials and products at a competitive price, and to pass those savings on to our clients. We understand that the build process can at times be a challenging experience and we undertake to make it as enjoyable as possible by involving and communicating with you at all stages of the process.

We will make your dream come true

We will make your dream come true

LT Construction is accustomed to working with clients whose villas in Spain are holiday homes, and understand they cannot spend a great deal of time on site as the work progresses. Because of this, we know how beneficial it is to keep our clients updated regularly via email, picture updates and phone conversations.

We pride ourselves in our after sales service - when advice is often needed as gardens establish themselves - and are only too happy to offer on-going advice and assistance to our clients. 

Let us work with you in realising your dream of a living environment that will enhance your life and lifestyle.

We are happy to answer your queries and offer advice on all aspects of the design and building process.