Explore Different Types of Driveways We Have Created for Our Clients

Enhance the entrance to your home

Driveways may be decorative in ways that public roads cannot - because of their lighter traffic and the willingness of owners to invest in their construction - and are generally designed to conform to the architecture of the connected houses or other buildings.

driveway construction in malaga province

Materials used for driveways include concrete, decorative brick, cobblestone, asphalt, and decomposed granite, surrounded by grass or other ground-cover plants. Driveways are commonly used as paths to private garages, carports, or houses. On large estates, a driveway may be the road that leads to the house from the public road, possibly with a gate in between.

driveways in concrete, Malaga

Because of the variety of forms that a driveway can take besides it’s practical use, it leaves a lot of opportunity to design and create a driveway that is individual to your property, enhancing and adding value to your home.