Water Pumps and Filters

Choosing a water pump system can prove fairly overwhelming due to the many variables involved

Electric pumps are a real necessity for those living in Spain. Most houses in the countryside require water to be pumped for one reason or another, whether for irrigation systems, swimming pools or to your home from a water tank.

Pump system installation in Malaga, Spain

Choosing a water pump system can prove fairly overwhelming due to the many variables involved, as listed below: 

  • horse power required

  • whether the pump should be a standard type or submersible

  • distance from the source to the distribution area

  • whether the distribution point is above or below the source

  • volumes of water required

  • amount of water pressure required

Choosing a proper filtration system that provides a clean, efficient and one that is inexpensive to purchase and maintain is also important. The water in the Costa del Sol region is hard and therefore any electrical heating items, such as, hot water tanks and kettles will be less efficient as a buildup of scale on the heating element will occur over time. Clothes will not be as clean as the chemicals in the detergents will not be able to act as efficiently. Scale on showers, toilets and bathroom taps can look ugly and dirty. An efficient softening system can be easily installed to prevent scale buildup.

Water pumps are a necessity when living in a rural area away from a urban environment, where a water tank or deposit is required to help out in the summer months when the water supply can be cut off for days, when the pressure from the mains supply is reduced to barely a trickle and showering can be distressing rather than a pleasure. The siting of the pump, the size and the required connections need to be fully understood to maximise the efficient running of the system.

At LT Construction our builders use our purchasing power to source only the best quality pumps and filtration systems at the most economical prices, whether for self-installation or when using our efficient and discreet installation services.

We would be happy to offer technical advice regarding your water pump and filter requirements.

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