Water deposits and tanks - as they are sometimes called - are a vital part of managing your water requirements in your home. Here in Andalusia the mains water supply can often be cut for several days or were the water pressure can fall to a trickle.


Water tank application parameters include the general design of the tank, its materials of construction, as well as the following: 

- Location of the water tank (above ground vs. below ground)
- Volume of water the tank will need to hold
- What the water will be used for (drinking vs. irrigation)
- Temperature of area where water will be stored
- Pressure requirements (domestic pressure range 35-60 PSI)
- Methods by which water is delivered into and extracted from the water tank
- Design considerations allowing water tanks to survive seismic movement and natural land movement
- Back flow prevention
- Chemical injection for bacteria and virus controls

As water tanks are essential for living in the countryside in Spain, it’s important that they are installed correctly. Why not talk to us when considering a new tank or upgrading your existing system.