Roof Terraces

The Mediterranean climate that we all enjoy makes having a roof terrace a desirable addition to your home, providing access to morning or afternoon sun and the surrounding views that are not obtainable at ground level.

Roof patios in Malaga, Spain

Roof Terraces need to be constructed using a robust building approach similar to that of a flat roof.  The extreme heat that is absorbed by the Roof Terrace results in the surface expanding and contracting.  Standard grouting will not bear up to such harsh conditions. 

If prepared incorrectly, the grouting can have a tendency to allow water to seep through which can result in the ceiling under the roof collapsing. Ingress of water through the roof can result in mould growth, with spores affecting the health of the family which can be seriously harmful to children or adults with respiratory problems.

Too often builders take a haphazard approach to the preparation of flat roofs and roof terraces. Tending to believe that the tiles will act as a barrier against water. This can be a costly mistake, requiring the old tiles to be lifted, the roof correctly prepared and new tiles laid.

To guard against ingress of water and produce a roof terrace that is long lasting, our builders apply a waterproof membrane and specialist sealants (as seen in the picture) which allows the roof to expand and contract whilst retaining its waterproof integrity. We apply up to 3 layers in order to best protect the surface and ultimately your home beneath it.

A common problem with many Roof Terraces is a lack of shade. They can seem a wonderful addition to the home when the property is seen in the spring or autumn but the realities of the summer sun and winter winds can make them no-go areas in those months. Portable shade and lightweight awnings can be prone to wind damage and at times unsightly or difficult to manage.

A good robust design while aesthetically pleasing does not have to be a difficult concept.

LT Construction will provide a robust solution that will withstand the riggers of the intense summer heat while keeping out the heavy rains we experience here in Spain.

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