Land drainage in Malaga

There are two forms of drainage for the garden – surface or sub-surface. Surface drainage, collects and redirects the excess water that is on the surface of the ground. It is used to catch rainfall and direct it away before it causes damage. Spoon (open surface) drains are shallow channels that are usually made from concrete and can be installed around the garden to redirect this excess water to other parts or to inlets for sub-soil drainage systems.

Large paved or concreted entertainment areas utilise spoon drains covered by a small grille, which then redirects the water. Another option is to direct the water to a specially built rain garden which prevents the water from entering the storm water system and potentially polluting waterways.

Land drainage construction, Malaga

Sub-surface drainage systems are buried beneath the surface of the soil and ideally should be installed in the early stages of the landscaping process. They can also be installed in existing gardens. Sub-surface drainage is commonly used in grassed areas and must be used behind retaining walls.

Land drainage systems require an understanding and appreciation of water and land dynamics, something the average builder often doesn’t have a knowledge of.

We have extensive experience in land drainage and therefore urge you to leave this most crucial of landscaping disciplines to the professionals at LT Construction.